Zevia – Nature’s Answer to Diet Soda

Have you ever wanted to stop drinking diet soda because of all the chemicals and artificial crap, but couldn’t because you are addicted and couldn’t find a better alternative? Well now there is a soda that is all natural with nothing artificial. Zevia, with less than a single calorie, no artificial sweetener, no sodium or fat, is  the worlds only all natural sugar free alternative to diet soda.

Zevia uses Stevia, which is an herb in the sunflower family from the rain forest known as “Sweet Leaf”. Because Stevia has no effect on blood sugar levels, it is attractive as a natural sweetener to people who must control their intake of certain carbohydrates.

zinfo_backZEVIA™ contains none of the chemically processed artificial sugar substitutes found in diet sodas because it is sweetened with natural stevia. Diet sodas also contain artificial flavors and colors. ZEVIA™ does not. With great effort, expense, and painstaking care, Zevia LLC found the healthiest, all natural ingredients available. Many “natural” sodas contain sugar which means calories. Diet sodas are usually sweetened with processed artificial sweeteners which means chemicals. ZEVIA™ with stevia is the only truly all natural diet soda.

Zevia Natural Soda –

  • Is naturally caffeinated with 45 mgs of natural caffeine derived from coffee
  • Contains no sugar
  • No Calories, carbohydrates and no fat
  • Contains nothing artificial
  • Certified Kosher
  • Gluten Free

Zevia offers six different flavors, Root Beer, Twist, Cola, Orange, Black Cherry, and Ginger Ale.

To locate a store near you that carries Zevia, click here.

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