Be Green and Swap


Swaps have become very popular these days. And not only are they only swapping clothing these days, they are even swapping seeds, childrens toys/books, baby gear and all sorts of items, you just have to be on the look-out for swaps in your area.

Why should you swap? Swapping not only helps clear the unwanted clutter in your closets while saving a pretty penny but it also saves these items from being tossed into the landfills and helps stop textile waste, which in turn causes pollution. Some contend that household waste makes up 4.5% of residential waste, or 8.75 billion pounds per year.

But not only is it good for the environment but its also a fun way to get new items. Hosting your own swap or going to an organized swap are both great ways to meet new people or enjoy a night with friends.

It is no surprise that Portland, the greenest city in the states, has people of all ages and backgrounds throughout all parts of the city embracing goods exchanges(swaps) as a regular social practice. Here are two Portland area swaps:

  • Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op – The Swap Shop provides an inviting place for children to play in the Sunnyside neighborhood, a year-round place for member families to exchange useful goods (clothing, toys, books, art supplies, baby equipment, etc.) and a place for parents to network with and support each other.
  • PDX Swap – A group of women folks (it’s not just women anymore!) in the Portland Metro area who get together on a regular basis for a clothing swap! As far as we know, PDXSwap is the only regular, local clothing swap in the Portland Metro area!

For swapping help check out these sites –

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