What Do You Think About Thrift Store Shopping?

I was reading an article from IsItNormal.com and was shocked at what I read. I feel that thrift store shopping doesn’t have to be for the poor but is many times for those who enjoy wearing more than just the normal every day duds that every single person you see is wearing. I agree with IsItNormal that its fun and is like treasure hunting. I have found the most amazing treasures, leather belts, leather purses, scarves and boots. All great quality and fun to wear.

I also was shocked that IsItNormals friends were making fun of him. True friends wouldn’t do that. Would they? Mine wouldn’t.

Reasons why you should re-think thrift shopping: Its Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly and budget friendly. By supporting thrift stores you are helping the environment by reducing the amount of clothing that ends up as waste in landfills, reducing the need for manufacturing new clothes, which also reduces the amount of carbon emissions used to truck those clothes allover the country. For statistics check out EIA.doa.gov/environment.html.

So all that to ask the question: What do you think about thrift store shopping? Is it only for the poor? Do you find that it can be fun or is it a bore?

2 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Thrift Store Shopping?”

  1. I happen to love thrift store shopping! I love finding good deals on clothes. My favorite store is Buffalo Exchange, they have a huge selection of newer clothes that are very in style. I found found great running clothes there and seven jeans:)
    I support Deanna in her thrift store ventures! 🙂

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