Vetrazzo – Recycled Glass Countertop’s

left_col_samples_imgAre you building a new home or remodeling an existing house? Are you concerned about the environment and want to use environmentally friendly products? If so it would be a good idea to check out Vetrazzo‘s recycled glass countertops. A friend of mine has these countertops in her home and they truly are uniquely beautiful.

Vetrazzo was invented in 1996 in Berkeley, California by glass scientist, driven by his passion for the environment. He gets the idea to recapture the inherent beauty of recycled glass by transforming it into a functionally superior building material.

All of the glass used in Vetrazzo is recycled, and it makes up about 85% of the total material. Most of the glass comes from curbside recycling programs. Other glass comes from windows, dinnerware, stemware, windshields, stained glass, laboratory glass, reclaimed glass from building demolition, traffic lights and other unusual sources. Every Vetrazzo surface has its own history. We track that history, and after you purchase and register Vetrazzo, we provide a Certificate of Transformation that tells you where the glass in your Vetrazzo came from.

Another amazing quality that makes Vetrazzo worth checking out is there policy to take back their products (if its a large enough piece and in good enough condition) and they will manufacture it into a new, useful Vetrazzo product. They take recycling to the next level.

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