Urban Farming – Grow Your Own Food!

What is Urban Farming? Urban Farming or Urban Agriculture, is the art of growing plants and the raising of animals within and around cities.

Urban farming tackles 3 big environmental issues we face today. If more people would be willing to put out some effort and start planting their own gardens we could relieve strain on the worldwide food supply, potentially driving down prices. Eating more fresh vegetables would help combat obesity and if you are shopping for food in and around your home the CO2 carbon footprint nearly disappears.

Urban farming consists of using the land you do have to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers. From container gardens for those that don’t have much space, to roof top gardens on apartments, to raised beds for those that have a backyard. Not only does the size of your living space and yard play into how you grow your plants but depending on where you live and what climate you live in, urban gardens vary considerably.

With the cities growing and the food and fuel prices rising, urban farming has become more and more popular. Community gardens are popping up all over too, with families working together to put food on their tables. The presence of vegetable gardens in inner-city neighborhoods is positively correlated with the decrease in crime, trash dumping, juvenile delinquency, fires, violent deaths and mental illness. Urban community gardens brings people together, building a stronger community.

Aside from the environmental benefits there are great health benefits to growing your own food. 1.) Exercise – Gardening is often over looked as a form of exercise but it is a great way to increase muscle strength and endurance. 2.) Nutrition – In a 10’X10′ meter plot can provide most of a 4-person household’s total yearly vegetable needs, including much of the household’s nutritional requirements for vitamins A,C, B complex and iron. 3.) Share – Gardeners share food with friends, families, and neighbors as well as members in the community in need providing a buffer against local economic insecurity.

Try to think of ways you can implement an urban garden into your house or yard, you will be amaze at what your own hands can grow. It takes time to understand how to get started but once you get it going, you will catch on very quickly and the rewards are limitless.

City Garden Farms will partner with you to farm your unused, underutilized lot, plot or yard to grow abundant amounts of local vegetables.

For all your urban gardening help check out this site.

For how to start a community garden check out OpenLands.com.

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