Tupperware, Plastic Water Bottles and Safer Alternatives

I have heard speculation about whether or not Tupperware is safe for food storage.  I use Tupperware about three times a week so I really wanted to find out for myself if there are any real dangers to my health.  This is what I dug up:

First of all, usually located at the bottom of any plastic container, you will find a number surrounded by arrows.  This will indicate what it is made out of; the numbers range from 1 to 7.  I have broken down the following numbers to show to what materials they coincide.   The numbers also pertain to how the plastics are recycled.

1: PETE (polyethylene terepthalate).  Soda and water bottles fall into this category.
2:  HDPE (high-density polyethylene), includes Tupperware
3:  V  (poly (vinyl) chloride
4:  LDPE  (low-density polyethylene)
5:  PP (polypropylene), includes Tupperware
6:  PS  (polystyrene), AKA Styrofoam
7:  other

In my findings, the safest reusable plastic options are 2, 4 and 5.  Number 1 is supposedly safe for a one-time use but after that water and soda bottles could leak carcinogenic agents into your body.  Do not use a water or soda bottle more than once if it has a 1 on the bottom.  My concern is that if over time a water bottle can leak chemicals into your body, why would you use it once?

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