Tropical Salvage

front_solidarityAs I was looking through the ReDirect Guide, sustainable living business directory & resource guide, I found an ad for ECOpdx and it reminded me of the beautiful table and chairs my friends had bought from them a while back.

ECOpdx, a small business founded on the belief that quality craftsmanship and personal attention are the cornerstones for a successful company, sell Tropical Salvage furniture.

Tropical Salvage, a Portland, Oregon based company, recycles salvaged timber from several different islands of the Indonesian archipelago, and produces the most beautiful household furnishings.

None of the wood comes from standing trees. The wood they use is old, some a thousand years old. It beautifully expresses its history as wild-growth grain figure, mineral accumulation, and the effects of nails, seasoning cracks & bore holes are evident in many pieces. They are a wonderful testament to the wood’s historical richness and new life.

Tropical Salvage believes in Creating job opportunities in areas of economic hardship, promoting environmental health and education and raising consumer awareness. Old-growth tropical forests are disappearing at an alarming pace—averaging 13 million hectares per year, equivalent to about 50 football fields a minute. Tropical Salvage is a working model of positive change. By creating a responsible and sustainable business model through which to bring popular products to market, Tropical Salvage enables consumer choice to become a tool of activism. If a consumer is given a choice between similar and similarly-priced products, one deriving from a responsible business model, the other from an irresponsible business model, the consumer will choose responsibly.

Tropical Salvage, collaborating with The Institute for Culture and Ecology, is helping to fund and implement a conservation, education and reforestation project in Jepara. To date, about five-hundred trees have been planted, representing thirty-five species. For more information on the Jepara Forest Conservancy click here.

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