Trick or Treat…Organic Style!

With Halloween only ten days away, your probably going to be going to the store soon to pick up your stash of candy for the cute pumpkins, superheros, princesses and other kids that will be knocking on your door on All Hallow’s Eve, waiting for a delicious treat. If your trying to figure out healthy options to hand out (rather than boring apples or oranges) think about checking out your local Whole Foods, Toys R Us, Linens N Things, Babies R Us, Party City or others that are selling Organic Candy!

Organic Candy can be a great way to feel like your treating your kids and others to a organic safe candy so that they can enjoy Halloween and you can rest in peace that the candy they are eating is made with, “no chemical colors, artificial flavors, corn syrup or other chemicals”. Yummy Earth has some great candy products such as lollipops and other candies that go for a decent price and are sold at many different stores such as the ones mentioned above.

My personal favorites are the Yummy Earth Organic Candy Drops which boast unique flavors such as “pomegranate pucker” and “mango tango” which last a long time in your mouth and I feel at peace knowing that what I’m sucking on isn’t chemical or artificial, but natural, made with real fruit and they even use, “organic black carrots, organic wheat grass juice, and organic pumpkin for fabulous color”. The flavors taste just as good if not better than a normal candy drop and the lollipops are pretty good too. The candy is decently priced for being organic. A 150-Count container of lollipops can go for $16.15 on Amazon and a 16 ounce candy drop bag is $20.00.

You can also check out Pamela’s Raw Organic Candy and Candy Tree for more organic Halloween candy options.

So keep a few more chemicals out of your kids and the neighbordhood children and think about Organic Candy for your Halloween treats!

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