The Top 10 for a Green Wedding

What is a Green Wedding?

Its a wedding that uses vendors who employ earth friendly practices, such as fair trade, organically produced food, recycling, energy consumption awareness and utilizing renewable resources.

1. The Ring – Here are a few alternatives to the conventional diamond rings, which are often mined in conflict-torn regions, synthetic diamonds, diamonds certified as “conflict free”, wooden bands or a vintage ring. Chicago Joinery has some amazing wooden wedding rings.

2. Invitations – Consider post-consumer recycled, handmade or tree-free papers printed with vegetable or soy based inks. Reduce paper waste by sending a postcard or by using online invitations and a wedding blog for quests. Green Field Paper Company offers tree-free invitations with seeds embedded in them in which the guest can toss in the ground when they are finished and a few months later up pop flowers.

3. Location – Have the ceremony and reception at the same place, reducing travel and decorating costs.

4. Green Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties – Indulge in organic wine or beer, or an organic spa treatment with an eco-friendly shuttle in tow.

5. Wedding Gown – Go vintage or borrow a gown and jewelry. If buying new, consider materials such as hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, wool or silk.

6. Decorations – Organic local flowers, live plants that can double as favors, and beeswax or soy-based candles will make your day beautiful and less toxic for your guests.

7. Food – When creating your menu consider using cruelty-free meats, local organic produce, wild seafood and vegetarian dishes. As for the dinner ware, consider renting dishes/utensils or buying compostable versions.

8. Photographs – Photographers should use digital proofs to save paper and chemicals. Also avoid single use disposables by sharing your photos online with your guests

9. Gifts – Register with stores that offer local, fair-trade, handmade, organic or other eco-friendly products.

10. Honeymoon – Stay local, try out an eco-tourism excursion or take a romantic train trip. Check out The International Eco-Tourism Society for more information.

For all your Green wedding needs, check out this fabulous website and be kind to the earth!

Great Green Wedding

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