The Story Of Stuff

I came across an interesting video this past week upon recommendation by a professor of mine in a class I had recently. The title of the video is called “The Story of Stuff”. The Story of Stuff has some really interesting things to say about our consumer culture and the way in which our economy has structured itself around our incessant need to consume.

While I may not buy into all of the political jargon in the video, the video outlines some important and staggering truths about our culture and what it has become. It illuminates the linear structure by which our production and consumption is set up and the potential danger of that linear system within a finite planet.

Some of the staggering statistics illuminated in the video are:

Over 99% of the products that we buy are in the trash after six months of use

-Companies and industries often manufacture products to break easier and sooner, forcing us to buy more

-People are working more and more in our culture and have less leisure time, and the two things we most commonly spend our time doing in free time is watching TV and shopping

-The average American sees over 3,000 advertisements a day. We see more advertisements in one year than a person in the 1950s saw in their whole lifetime.

It is important to consider what we are buying and why we are buying it. Are we buying it because we think it will satisfy some sort of desire or happiness? What do we do with our products once we are done with them? Do we throw things away before we need to?

These are things that we here at GreenGlancy are trying to understand and to live out. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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