The Most Eco Friendly MacBook Ever

Today at Apple’s “spotlight turns to notebooks” event, Steve Jobs and the apple company launched new innovations and a new macbook that they claim, “is the most eco-friendly MacBook ever in the history of human existence”.

The most significant eco-friendly innovation is the Precision aluminum unibody enclosure, which means that they can turn out a solid block of aluminum that isn’t wasteful and they can create one macbook, strong, solid, piece of equipment in one piece without putting lots of different pieces together.

Apple tells us that, “The new MacBook is built with significantly fewer parts. And the parts that remain are significantly greener. Take the unibody, the foundation of the notebook itself. It’s a single piece of solid, recyclable aluminum that replaces dozens of extraneous pieces once destined for landfill”.

The other listed items that make the Macbook an environmentally friendly computer are:

1. Arsenic free glass–Traditional LCD displays contain arsenice but apple products do not.

2. BFR free-Brominated flamer retardants in logic boards can be harmful to the environment and to people and Apple has said no to BFRs.

3. Mercury free

4. PVC free-Polyvinyl Chloride is dangerous to our health and the environment from the factory to our home.

5. 37% smaller packaging-Less packaging means less waste to be recycled or trashed

6. Epeat Gold Rating- “EPEAT is a system to help purchasers in the public and private sectors evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, notebooks and monitors based on their environmental attributes”. The new Macbook has earned a Gold Rating, letting us know that they are striving for more environmentally friendly products and making electronics and computers less harmful to our world.

Check out Apple to learn more about the environment benefits of a Mac and check out TweakOSX if you want to know more about the new MacBook pros.

What do you think about Apple’s environmental considerations? Could they do more? Leave a comment below.

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