The Greener Side of Golf

Are you an environment-conscious golfer? Someone who cares about this beautiful world we live in? If so than below are a few earth friendly golf products that you need to know about.

Eco Golf Balls – The Water-Soluble polymer used to make up the Eco Golf Ball is verified by microorganism testing to be non-toxic and does not restrain from the growth of microorganism and can be degraded totally. The Eco Golf Ball has no bad effects on the environment. Once the ball is dissolved in water, specific microorganism will cause it turn into carbon dioxide and water.

Eco Golf Tees – The Endurance Tee will outlast a wood tee by at least 10 to 1 ratio. cutting down on tee box litter. The Tee2Green is your choice for a true green friendly product. These tees will biodegrade in most cases in less than 60 days.

Hi-Tec Enviro Golf Shoe – Made from 99% Eco-Friendly Materials.

Eco Incentives Golf Pitch Mark Fork– Made from Recycled CD cases.

For a great list of Eco-Friendly Golf Courses check out‘s article on Natural Wonders: Eco-friendly courses for guilt free golf.

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