The Country’s First LEED Certified Dental Office

As I was looking through a magazine at the doctors office, I found an article on Mint Dental Works. Its the country’s first LEED certified Dental Office. LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Through rigorous planning and careful construction, they have created a high-performance green facility that is a healthy, productive place to work; less costly to operate and maintain; and reduces their environmental footprint. This office has made very effective choices for the good of their patients, employees and the environment.

Below is the list of environmentally friendly choices they made.

Improved Air Quality – Fresh air exchange and Co2 Sensors, 100% recycled cabinets and all paints, floor finishes, adhesives and furniture/fabrics were selected for their sustainable properties

Elimination of Toxic Materials – Mercury free office, only natural cleaning products used, no latex gloves used, and new digital Xray system exposes patients to up to 90% less radiation than a standard Xray system.

Waste Reduction – Recycled items all over the office, and they use alcohol hand rub to eliminate the use of sinks, faucets, paper towels, water and soap.

Energy and Water Efficiency – Florescent lighting, occupancy sensors, low flow fixtures, sensor operated faucets, and they purchase renewable energy from PGE.

I was impressed by this office, not only for the ways they are working to lower their impact on the environment but also for what they offer to their patients.

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