The 2009 Green Gadget Buyer’s Guide

From the magazine Fast Company, I ran across this article, The 2009 Green Gadget Buyer’s Guide. Its meant to make you laugh but the products are definitely worth using and will save you energy, money and help you become more environmentally friendly.

294644_7872Wall Mounted Efficiency Toggle(the light switch) – This device can achieve a 100% reduction in power usage and activate the natural light in any room.

ioAerial Garment Purifier(clothesline) – Engineered in Switzerland, this razor-thin cord harnesses wind power. Set up is a snap: Arrange wet garments along the ioAerial to initiate dehydration. Cycle completes in 3-4 hours.

Subaquatic Flow and Volume Regulato(Brick) – Made from recycled material, the regulator is the new tiger in your (toilet) tank. Simply drop it in and enjoy substantial savings on water usage.

Smarter Car(bike) – Introducing the only human-powered, zero-emissions vehicle on the market! SmarterCar is based on proven technology handed down from the 19th-century German artisans.

Eco-Friendly Textile Restoration Kit(needle and thread) – Lose a button? Don’t toss the entire suit. Cut your waste – and your wardrobe budget – with this chemical free textile-refurbishment tool. Handheld, user-friendly, and compact, this precision instrument allows you to reattach buttons, mend holes, adjust waistlines and even Eco-convert entire outfits into reusable shopping bags.

Onpipe Rehydration Service(Drink from the faucet) РScientist have discovered that not all H2O is produced in Fiji or France and the small mountain principality of Dasani. OnPipes proprietary high-bandwidth network delivers always-on, in-home renewable  drinking water from local sources. OnPipe Premium offers both cold and hot services.

Anti-Solar Panels(vertical blinds) – The anti-solar movement first began in exotic and ball-of-fire-hot Aruba. Combining special opaque paneling, an adjustable vertical axis, and a full 120-degree variable angle for light displacement and absorption. Anti-Solar Panels will be all the buzz this summer. Fully compatible with the Wall-Mounted Efficiency Toggle.

Population-Density Moderators(condoms) – These little wonders pay for themselves almost immediately. Over population is the single most significant contributor to carbon emissions, resource consumption, and road rage. Reduce your ecological footprint and save hundreds of thousands of dollars without compromising your lifestyle.

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