The 1 Paper Towel Challenge


While visiting Whole Foods the other day I came across this sign in the bathroom that was taped to the paper towel dispenser. I found it interesting and thought about the implications of what would happen if we all took this sign seriously and did what it asked.

The sign read –

The 1 Paper Towel Challenge

Step 1 Wash Hands

Step 2 Shake Hands Vigorously Over Sink

Step 3 Dry Hands Using 1 Paper Towel

Step 4 Enjoy The Satisfaction of Doing One Small Thing To Help The Environment

I have not seen this sign anywhere else but I think this would be a great sign to put up at restaurants, stores, and even offices. I think we would probably end up using a lot less paper towels if we saw this sign everytime we went to dry our hands. It definitely worked in making me think before I grabbed a second paper towel.

Its also a great way to help us stop and think before we use a paper towel or paper napkin at home. Really anything that makes us think about limiting the amount of waste we produce is a great thing. Please share your ideas or challenges with our readers of ways to reduce waste.

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