Target Goes Green

I have to say I was a bit surprised when I saw the strives that Target was making for becoming more Eco-friendly. Surprised in a good way of course, but I had always thought of Target as a cheap store, a step up from Walmart, but still filled with a ton of items shipped from over seas. But as I read about their commitment choices I found out that Target had actually been implementing some of these Eco-friendly choices decades ago.

I am excited about Targets Commitment, striving to be a responsible steward of the environment.

Regulatory Compliance: The Target Environmental Services group ensures that we comply with environmental regulations. They manage and reduce the environmental impact of our business. Regulatory compliance, property acquisitions, waste disposal and recycling are all aspects of environmental management.

Three R’s: ReduceWe ensure full loads so we have fewer trips to landfills, which reduces vehicle emissions. ReuseAt Target, we focus on utilizing the full life of a product by finding members of the community who can benefit from items we no longer need. RecycleOur established recycling programs collect waste materials generated by stores, distribution centers and headquarters locations.

Climate Change: Target puts tremendous focus on best practices for energy-efficient building design and operation. We are committed to doing our part to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Facilities: Target is seeking ways to save energy, improve efficiency, reduce waste and use the LEED rating system as a guide for our design processes.

Natural Resources: Target strives to design stores that are aesthetically pleasing to the community while minimizing our environmental impact. They look for opportunities to use Low Impact Development (LID) technology, they have incorporated several water-saving technologies into their store designs, and protect environmentally sensitive habitats.

Products and Packaging: At SuperTarget®, they offer approximately 700 organic foods, including produce. They’re also using more environmentally friendly packaging for our private-label brands.

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