Take a Volunteer Vacation

192069952_c37416e100_oSchools are letting out and kids and adults alike will have some time off this summer. In lieu of or in conjunction with your regular vacation, why not take a volunteer vacation?

A volunteer vacation is one way to take a break and help a good cause at the same time. Allowing travelers to experience conditions and issues first-hand, giving volunteers the chance to deepen their concern and commitment to problems that previously seemed far-away.

Before you decide where and when to volunteer, first consider the causes that are important to you. What are you passionate about? Love to work with children? Fair trade a concern? Interested in organic farming? Whatever theĀ  cause is, you should be able to find an organization that fits with your concerns.

While you can personally contact the organization of your choice, it’s often easier to work with a reputable eco-travel business that will take care of all the details such as lodging, ensuring good working conditions and trip planning to make sure your volunteer vacation is safe, productive and enjoyable. Check out Eco volunteer or Sustainable Travel International for help.

Volunteer Vacations can change your life and the vitality of the planet long after the actual trip. Consider developing a long-term partnership with the organization by sending regular donations, staying in contact with volunteers you met on your trip and by trying to raise awareness for that cause.

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