Green Earth Friendly Furniture

Everyday we as consumers discover new ways to lighten our footprint and make our world a better place to live. Purchasing sustainable furniture is one way we can bring an Eco-friendly choice into our lives.

~ Buy Re-purposed or Used furniture ~ Many manufacturers use reclaimed or recycled materials in new construction. The most efficient and sustainable options are to buy re-purposed or used furniture. Antiques are great choices when buying used, as they were made to last for generations.

~ Buy Local ~ Buying locally keeps your money in the local economy, and most importantly it cuts down on money and fuel that would have been spent to ship the item.

~ Buy Good Wood ~ Buy wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, they have the best policed standards worldwide. Buy furniture that is made from fast-growing commercial species such as bamboo or mango wood. Buy wood from sustainable harvesting program, where forests are responsibly managed, prevents the illegal logging and helps prevent deforestation.

~ Water-Based Finishes ~ Make sure the finishes on your wood are water-based. They have a volatile organic compound level of 50 vs. the legal maximum of 350. VOC(volatile organic compound) are toxins found at high levels in lacquer, varnish, and shellac.

~ Leather ~ Leather is one of the most sought after and bought materials for furniture. Its is very durable, but unless its sourced in the U.S., there are excessive transportation costs involved. Cows also require a lot of pasture, with millions of hectares of forest being cleared for grazing.

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