The End is Near – for bottled water

Restaurants, Large Companies and even college students are taking on the challenge of drinking tap water instead of still bottled water. The Food and Water watch has written a report; Take Back the Tap: Why Choosing Tap Water over Bottled Water is Better for Your Health, Your Pocketbook, and the Environment; to educate consumers about the various problems with bottled water and why they should switch to tap water. This report also illustrates the importance of supporting local water utilities through increased funding.

Did you know??

* The production of bottled water causes many equity, pubic health and environmental problems?

* The bottled water companies often take water from municipal or underground sources that local people depend on?

* Producing the plastic bottles uses energy and emits toxic chemicals?

* Transporting the bottled water across thousands of miles spews carbon dioxide into the air?

* And in the end, those empty bottles are piling up in landfills?

Why has tap water gotten such a bad rap? Bottled water is no cleaner, safer or healthier than tap water. Tap water is put under far more tests and regulations than bottled water and some bottled water is just bottled tap water. Bottled water is also much more expensive than tap water. If your tap water just doesn’t taste good, check out the water filters at PUR or Brita. Also Pure Water Technology carries non-bottled filtered systems for businesses or companies that want to Go Green.

Join others in the campaign to Take back the Tap by pledging to eliminate or reduce your use of bottled water.

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