Starbucks – Use a Tumbler and Save .10 and another Paper Cup

While at my regular Tuesday meeting at our local Starbucks I saw this new sign which read:

A lot of good and a FREE drink.

Made from at least 27% post-consumer recycled material. Every time you refill it, you’ll save .10 – and you’ll save another paper cup. Even better, your first drink is our treat.

  • 8 fl oz $8.95
  • 12 fl oz $9.95
  • 16 fl oz $10.95
  • 20 fl oz $11.95

Starbucks Shared Planet

You and Starbucks. It’s bigger than coffee.


You’ll save .10 and another paper cup every time.

The new tumblers are very eye catching and green, but I would be more inclined to use what I already have and not buy a new tumbler just because they are pretty. I do like the idea that you will save .10 every time you use a reusable tumbler or mug when purchasing coffee at Starbucks. So start reducing your carbon footprint and use a reusable tumbler or mug on your next purchase at Starbucks.

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