Starbucks Recycles

As I was leaving Starbucks today after our Tuesday meeting, I was throwing my coffee cup away and saw a sign taped to the garbage can that read “Got Plastic or glass…. give it to us and we’ll Recycle it for you.” I was so excited because I often wonder why companies who are claiming to be green aren’t doing a better job at recycling. I don’t know if this is a store by store thing or if all Starbucks are following suit and recycling these products but even if its just one, I am sure more stores will follow.

Starbucks has made huge strides in the ways of green living. Here are just a few ways Starbucks works to be green.

Coffee Grounds – You can pick up a large bag of coffee grounds for your garden. Starbucks coffee grounds recycling program is a grass roots effort that was started by customers many years ago. Spent coffee grounds are complimentary upon request at Starbucks retail locations and are available year-round as they are generated. Grounds are packaged in reused coffee bags and sealed with the Starbucks coffee grounds as compost sticker.

Environment Commitment – Striving to buy, sell and use environmentally friendly products, Sustainable Packaging and Paper Initiatives, Recycling, Reusing and Waste Reduction Initiatives and greening their stores through design.

Check out your local Starbucks and if they haven’t started recycling their plastic and glass, ask them if they would think about doing that. If this small town can do it, any town can!

Share with me your thoughts on recycling, do you have any great ideas for companies and how they can implement recycling into their daily routines?

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