Simple Way to Cut you Home Energy Bill

Double3Energy experts advise homeowners to cure simple air leaks inside their homes before investing in costly new heating systems or other energy efficiency projects. In most cases its the homes inefficient windows that keep your energy bill climbing for the sky.

If your home was built anywhere between 1900 and 1940, you may have dozens of oval holes on the side or your double-hung windows that allow heated air to escape.

But there is something you can do about it, Anderson Pulley Seal came up with a seal that easily attaches to the window to cover the holes where the air is escaping while still allowing the rope to freely go up and down.

An important source of air leakage in older homes is the pulley openings in your double-hung window frames. (you can easily feel the draft with your hand on a cold day). The Anderson Pulley Seal permanently stops this draft without affecting the operation of the window. They are easy to install using the adhesive foam gasket and screws provided.

But take precautions when drilling into older windows, since older homes with double-hung windows are prone to have leaded paint.

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