Simple – Sustainable Shoes

mainlogoSimple shoes started making shoes in 1991, shoes for people who wanted shoes made simply, but it wasn’t until 2004 that they realized they needed to make a change. Realizing that if we are going to make a change, we have to start with ourselves first.

Their first introduction of sustainable shoes was the Green Toe Collection. Two shoes made from all natural materials. In 2006 Simple Shoes created a manifesto: “How we make our shoes is just as important as why we make them. We’re committed to making our products 100% sustainable.”

In 2007 they introduced recycled products into the mix, like car tires and plastic bottles. Introducing recycled bike tires, recycled inner tubes and hemp in 2008. In 2009 they took a long hard look at themselves and our world, inspiring a new campaign; a call to action for those who are fed up with the over consuming, over stuffed, super sized world we live in. It is called less>more. They introduced the Ethical Supply Chain Guidelines and a Restricted Substances Policy.

Now Simple shoes offers up many styles of sustainable shoes, made from recycled and sustainable products. Check out Simple for your next shoe purchase.

eco-SNEAKs: In addition to looking great, the ecoSNEAKS® collection uses materials like recycled car tires, certified organic cotton, PET (think recycled plastic bottles), recycled bike tires, and hemp, just to name a few. So they a leave better ecological footprint than ordinary sneakers…

Green Toe: When the Green Toe™ collection started, we were just trying to make shoes out of natural materials that did less harm and more good. Today, the Green Toe™ collection represents our most innovative and envelope-pushing constructions and materials … we’ve come a long way.

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