Simple Steps to Living Green


Living green doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, and in this economy, we are all looking for ways to save a buck. Here are some easy steps to take to become more Eco-friendly while not spending a lot of money.

1. Walk, Bike, Carpool or take public transportation to work whenever possible. You will lessen your carbon footprint and save money on gas, what could be better.

2. Lower your thermostat and water heater a few degrees. This saves energy and lowers your monthly electric bill.

3. Implement a recycling and composting program at your home and work. Educate yourself, your family and your employees about recycling, composting and waste reduction.

4. Check with your local government about properly disposing of toxins and chemicals such as motor oil, conventional household cleaners, paints, batteries, etc..

5. Choose to support green businesses whenever possible and if they are local green businesses that’s even better.

6. Purchase from local and organic sources. Local area farmers markets a lot of times have better prices than the grocery store and much fresher.

7. Seek out gently used items instead of buying new. This is a huge money saver and what you find most of the time is just as good as brand new and don’t forget the fact that buying used is very Eco-friendly.

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