September Recycled Clothing Challenge

Well I made it a couple of weeks without going to the Goodwill or any store besides the grocery store. I haven’t bought anything, new or used for two weeks. Yes I am proud of myself but I am finding it hard not to hit the Goodwill for some treasure hunting.

Recently we visited my parents and my daughter inquired about my mothers prom dress from 1958. A short time later my daughter came out onto the deck with her grandmothers dress on, it was so pretty on her and she decided right there that she would wear it to the Snowball in December. So my next project is to find some great vintage shoes for her to wear with it. Also I am looking for a place to take it to get it cleaned. It has some coffee that was spilled on it way back when. If anyone has an idea of where to take it to get it cleaned, please share that with me.

I got my sewing machine fixed and have started sewing again. I pulled the sewing machine out to the living room, so I could still be part of the family and my daughters had some requests, so I got a pencil case and a 3X5 card holder made pretty quickly. I like the pencil holder but the card holder wasn’t my best work. I did put together a makeup bag too, I just need to learn how to sew zippers correctly.

I have 18 more days to keep myself from slipping into the Goodwill. I think I can make it. I’m sure I can. We will soon see.

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