September Bike Commute Challenge

bcc09_home_gfxWe all know its better to ride your bike to work than to drive your car as far as helping lessen your carbon footprint, but not always is it convenient. This month I am going to challenge you to Take The Challenge! and get on your bike and commute to work.

Brought to you by BTA, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, a non-profit membership organization working to promote bicycling and improve bicycling conditions in Oregon and SW Washington.

Join the friendly competition – workplace against workplace – to see who can bike to work more during the month of September. The workplaces with the highest percentage of commutes by bicycle during the month win!

Whether you’re a rider or an employer, whether you’re thinking about trying bike commuting for the first time, or you’re an experienced rider, the Challenge is for you.

Here are some benefits of riding your bike to work:

  • Reduce air pollution
  • Saves money
  • Reduce harmful gases such as, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, NitrousOxide
  • Reduce noise pollution

And lets not forget about the health benefits of riding your bike:

  • Increased fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Stress reduction
  • Heart benefits

To calculate how much impact your commute is having on the environment, check out the environmental impact calculator here.

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