Send Your Styrofoam Packing!

Eco-Friendly Packing Material

Styrofoam is made out of Polystyrene; it does not breakdown easily, it releases chemicals when it gets wet and contaminates the liquid it touches. If burned, polystyrene gives off highly toxic fumes. Its also been known to cause many health problems when ingested over time.

Next time you have a package to send try some of these Eco-Friendly, non chemical releasing ideas.

~ Instead of throwing away the shreds you get when using a paper shredder, use them to fill packages you send in the mail. It doesn’t cost anything, it can be recycled and it’s an environmentally safer product than Styrofoam.

~ Consider using cornstarch packing peanuts. They are made from corn starch and dissolve in water leaving no toxic waste. Organic fill is static free, economical, fast and easy to use. Place them outside and they will either disappear when the birds take them to make their nests or they will melt in the next rainstorm.

~ For holiday packing materials, try dry pine cones and air-popped popcorn. They’re virtually free, festive and can be fed to the birds or put in the back yard after use.

For Clean Green Packing Materials check out Starch Tech.

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