Pollution is the cause of about 40% of deaths worldwide. Such environmental degradation, coupled with the growth in world population, are major causes behind the rapid increase in human diseases.

  • 6,100 – the number of hospital admissions in California each year for respiratory diseases attributed to breathing ozone and particle pollution.
  • 1,400,000 – the annual number of lost workdays by Californians related to air-pollution related medical issues.
  • 10-15% of lung cancers that are diagnosed in nonsmokers.

Scorecard is the web’s most popular resource for information about pollution problems and toxic chemicals. Find out about the pollution problems in your community and learn who is responsible. See which geographic areas and companies have the worst pollution records. Identify which racial/ethnic and income groups bear more than their share of environmental burdens. Then take action as an informed citizen – you can fax a polluting company, contact your elected representatives, or get involved in your community.

Using Scorecard is easy, just type in your zip code to get your results for your county.

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