Save Money While Saving Trees

Did you ever notice that every time you go to print something off the Internet your printer ends up printing 2 or 3 pages for the one page that you need? Its frustrating to have these pages come out with just a few lines or a banner on a whole sheet of paper, not only the paper is getting wasted but what about the ink. Printer ink is not cheap. GreenPrint has come up with a patent-pending software that eliminates unwanted pages, saving paper, ink, money, and millions of trees. In an effort to end wasteful printing worldwide, GreenPrint World is available at no cost to home users around the globe. GreenPrint Enterprise Edition was designed to address the volume and waste of network printing. It was created for organizations with multiple printers and works equally well in organizations of 10-10,000. GreenPrint estimates that a company with 100 employees can save about 141,000 pages a year. The interesting thing about this software is that it tracks pages and money saved, trees saved, and the reduction in CO2 emissions. GreenPrint also provides a simple solution to printing to PDF. This PDF writer is also incorporated into the print preview so any document can easily be saved to file rather than being printed.

The only draw back to GreenPrint software is that there is no version for Macs yet. They do hope to release one by the end of the year.

This is truly green technology at its best, by saving time and money while benefiting the environment.

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