Reuse A Shoe: Nike Shoe Recycling Program


Reuse-A-Shoe, a Nike shoe recycling program, has collected more than 21 million pairs since they began in 1990. Enough to create a chain of athletic shoes that goes all the way around the world almost four times.

For nearly 20 year, Reuse-A-Shoe and Nike grind have been making a difference because of their concern for the environment. In 1990 Nike employee coins the Reuse-A-Shoe name. The next year they begin testing methods for grinding and reusing shoes, settling on sports surfaces as the most practical application. In 1993 shoe recycling begins in Willsonville, Oregon. In 1995 Reuse-A-Shoe begins collecting shoes in the first Nike retail shop. In 1999 the first Asia factory started recycling footwear. In 2002 Reuse-A-Shoe starts collecting shoes at all US Nike Town locations. And in the same year Nike’s anniversary project donates nearly 90 sports surfaces make with Nike Grind to parks throughout Portland, Oregon. In the next few years Nike begins utilizing Nike Grind in other promotional items. In the next years to come, countries all over the globe start recycling shoes and joining in the Reuse-A-Shoe program.

Reusing old athletic shoes also decreases the need for virgin rubber and other materials, decreasing the environmental impact of using new materials when building courts, tracks, fields and playgrounds.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Reuse-A-Shoe program and you are part of a group from school, university group or non-profit organization, you could collect worn-out athletic shoes for your own Reuse-A-Shoe drive.

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