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Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to get textbooks than to buy them full price at the school book store? Have you ever thought about all the money that is wasted when you buy a new textbook? Or Have you wanted to get rid of those textbooks but didn’t know where to sell them? Have you ever thought about how many trees are consumed for textbooks? can answer all these questions for you and more! Rent, Save, Sell and Help the Environment at Chegg.

Offering over one million textbooks, chegg is the leading online textbook rental service with their primary objective being Saving Students Money!

  • How Much Does It Cost? With Chegg there are no monthly subscription fees or hidden charges. Each textbook has a specific rental fee, which is dependent on the ISBN. Shipping and handling are dependent on the shipment method chosen. The average rental price on Chegg is 60% lower than the list price!
  • Can I Highlight or Write In The Textbook? Highlighting in the textbook is OK – to a certain extent. Writing in the book is not accepted. We ask that you are considerate while using the book. A book returned with every other line of every page highlighted is overdoing it.
  • Are There Any Late Fees? If your books are not postmarked by your rental due date, you will be charged a 25% late fee.
  • What Is The Defined Length of a Semester/Quarter/Summer Rental? The defined length of a semester rental is 125 days from the original order date. The defined length of a quarter rental is 85 days from the original order date. The defined length of a summer rental is 60 days from the original order date.

How is Chegg Green?

Renting textbooks is a great way to save money and reuse our natural resources. When we realized that 20 million trees a year are consumed for books – 4 million for textbooks alone – we decided it was time to give a little back to Mother Nature. That’s why we plant a tree for every book you rent, buy, sell or donate! Together we can make a difference, one book at a time.

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