Recycling Bottle Caps

A friend of mine from asked what I knew about recycling bottle caps. So I was thinking about it and I have watched the shows and seen how recycling works but the bottle caps from soda/beer bottles, shampoo, lotion and the like all got pulled aside and tossed into the landfill. So I was thinking why can’t they reuse these? I’m sure they have some value and possibility? So I decided to do some work and I found some ways that we can recycle these bottle caps and save them from going into the landfill.

Recycle Caps with AvedaAveda is announcing a new recycling initiative that helps extend the current boundaries of recycling and elicit participation from all corners of our community. With the help of our network of salons and stores, in partnership with community schools, we are building a new recycling program for plastic bottle caps in which caps are collected at stores and schools and then sent by Aveda to our recycler where the material is recycled into new caps and containers.

Turn your soda or beer bottle caps into fishing lures. The Bottle Cap Lure Company has been doing this since 2000.

You can sell them on Ebay for pennies a piece. People purchase them for homemade crafts and projects.

Make your own bottle cap thumbtacks or bottle cap magnets. Deep Fried Kudzo offers easy instructions on how to make these.

eHow has some suggestions on how you can recycle old soda/beer bottle caps into something new.

I have heard you can also take your used beer bottle caps back to a local brewery and they will clean and reuse them.

These are just a few of the great ideas out there. If you arent crafty, than start putting them aside to be recycled.

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