Recycling at Your Place of Work

191271_3865Setting up a recycling station in your office can be easier than it seems. I often look at what I am throwing away and see that a lot of it could be recycled. I have even taken items home to be recycled but this isn’t always convenient. So after doing a little research here is what I found:

First determine what materials you actual have need to recycle. Start with recycling the largest volume of waste materials being thrown away. In most offices that would be cardboard and paper.

Second decide what containers you want to use for recycling. Finding something that fits the needs of your recycling materials is not always easy. For recyclable papers, use a moving box or make your own Paper-Recycling Tote. Using trash bins to collect cans and bottles is a good start. Make sure and designate what the bin/container is for with a sign so as not to cause confusion.

Deciding where to place the bins/containers can be difficult due to the size they may need to be. Your best bet is to, wherever there is a garbage bin, place a recycling container next to it.

For more help on recycling at work check out these sites: Recycle at your Desk and How, Recycling at Work, or How to Encourage Recycling at Work.

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