Recycled Magazine Drink Coasters

Over at Eco-Office Gals I saw a post; Flaunt it! Monday: Gretchen and Grace, in which they review a product from Gretchen & Grace Greenwear, read more below for their review.

coasterWhen looking thru her site I knew I had to check out this set of drink coasters:

This product is made of recycled magazines. The paper is first cut and then folded into long strips which are soaked in glue and dried. Once dry it is hand coiled, piece by piece until the desired shape is completed. 3″x3″.

This line was so intriguing to me since it really closed the loop on reduce, recycle, reuse.  The package arrived in a timely fashion and the coasters were so cool and a great conversation piece. The only downside to the coaster that I found was you can’t use them for a sweaty drink.  The glue that holds the strips together does get gummy.  I definately need to put my thoughts together and figure out what I could use to give these some sort of clear coating (like an apoxy minus the death by fumes… any thoughts?).

After reading this I was thinking about it and was wondering what eco-friendly componant could be added to these coasters to make them stand up to a cold drink that sweats or even a hot one. I haven’t come up with anything spectacular yet, still thinking about it.

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