Green Your Halloween ~ Recycled/Homemade Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, 50 days to be exact, and instead of going out and buying those cheap vinyl, fall apart costumes at your local grocery store, why not make your own or revamp an old one that’s laying around. Aside from the fact that creating your child’s costume will be a homemade original, it will also allow you to bypass the unknown element in pre-made costumes, by assuring quality and content you know you can trust. Vinyl(polyvinyl chloride) releases carcinogenic dioxin into the atmosphere during production.

For some great recycled costumes that were made to last, check out your local Thrift store. They carry some great costumes from way back when. Recently my friend found a Spider Man costume and a Buzz Light Year costume for just a couple bucks at the thrift store. They will have a lot to offer at this time, but if you wait too long, they will be gone.

Costume Idea Zone has some great ideas of how to use what you have already to make a costume. I love the Jack and Jill idea for a couple. And who can resist the Piece of Gum Stuck to Your Shoe? They even have ideas for groups of people, like the Survivor Cast or 3 Men in a Tub. With Traditional ideas, Quick and Easy, Unique & Unusual, you are sure to find something you can use. And you can submit your own brilliant costume ideas to share with others.Another great site with ideas for the items you have laying around the house is 1Halloween.Net.

If you know your way around a sewing machine you can find plenty of patterns for costumes on these websites. At they offer free patterns for Costumes for Halloween and Stage, from Pirate skirt to Nurses Cap to a Bunch of Grapes. Knowledge Hound The How-To Hunter is another site with free Halloween costume patterns.

If you are low on cash this Halloween or have several children needing Halloween costumes this year, Preschool Rock and Any Time Costumes have come together for the 2nd Annual Halloween Costume Exchange to provide parents-in-need free costumes for their families.

If you have some original ideas of your own, please share them with us.

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