Recycled Christmas Gift Wrap

For some people recycling items to use for Christmas gift wrap and gift tags seems like a huge task but I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. There are so many items you have laying around your house or in your recycle bin that can be used for this purpose. Before throwing something away, always look at it and see what other ways you can use it. If you don’t come up with anything, look on the Internet for ideas. You will be overwhelmed with the possibilities.

For Putting The Gift in – Use toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes for small items. Shoes boxes. Milk cartons/jugs cut in half for using like baskets, add some shredded paper and you have a nice little nest to set any of your gift items. Use a cereal box for clothes. Use plastic grocery bags in place of tissue paper.

For Gift Tags – Whenever you do some shopping, check out the paper bag it comes in. Most retailers are using special holiday bags. Cut small tags from the bag over the decorated part and punch a hole in the corner and attach to the package with ribbon. If you save old cards, cut out small pictures from the cards and glue onto pieces of card stock.

For Gift Wrap – Use newspaper with black and white bows or black and white ribbon to accentuate the newspaper print. Use old Christmas magazine ads to wrap your small gifts. Vintage hankies can be a wonderful way to wrap a special gift, add a beautiful bow and its gorgeous. Scraps of material can also be used as gift wrap. Take those brown paper grocery bags and have your kids stamp or make art on them for wrapping grandparents gifts.

For embellishments – Tie some holly or pine to the top of a package. Even a spray painted twig makes the top of a package look elegant. A few little pine cones add beauty too.

For some more great ideas on wrapping gifts check out Real Simple.

If this is all too much for you, than make sure and get yourself 100% recycled gift wrap from places like Green Field Paper Company.

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