Recycle and Fundraise

I recently visited an elementary school in my area, and was surprised because the first thing I saw was a recycling area designated for ink cartridges and cell phones. The school encourages parents and staff to recycle these two items.

In fact, the school benefits from the items donated! The school is later paid for the old cartridges and cell phones. The recycling center actually doubles as a fundraiser for the school. I thought this to be a very creative fundraising tactic as well as instilling the importance and benefits of recycling in young students.

I recommend contacting your local school district and finding out if they provide a drop off center for these cartridges or cell phones. If you are a parent of a student or involved in the education system it would be an admirable thing to head up. You would just need permission from the principal, a container to place the recyclables in and designate a person willing to collect and ship off the items or do it yourself.

If you have a group that could use extra funds or want to recycle on your own check out ecycle group. I checked out the price list (that they will reimburse) for cell phones and cartridges, the lowest I found was .05cents and the highest was $35! Recycling does pay. This organization allows any church, school, business or individual to recycle through them. There is a minimum requirement of 10 cell phones, 20 inkjet cartridges and 10 laser cartridges. The products have to be on the list, undamaged and not previously refilled.
Have you already started this fund raiser? If so, how much money have you raised??

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