Questions to Ask Your Favorite Restaurants

Eating out is a regular part of most families lives, with nearly half of a typical family’s food budget spent on food prepared outside the home. As I have become more aware of the world around me, what ways I can help it and how to be good to my body, I have learned to ask questions before ordering. Most all of us would like the food we are ordering to be organic, local and certified whenever possible. I was reading the Chinook Book(Coupons, maps and resources for living green) and found this section on questions to ask your favorite restaurants.

Wine & Beer – Is it local? Is it organic? Is it certified Salmon Safe?

Meat & Dairy -Is it local? If not, where is it from and why? Are antibiotics used?

Seafood – Is it on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list? Text the word FISH to 30644 and the name of the fish in question and the Blue Ocean Institute will send back its assessment and better alternatives to fish where concerns exist.

Produce – Is it local? Is it grown organically or using Food Alliance standards? Does the restaurant use seasonal produce on its menu?

Take-Out – Always ask for compostable take-out containers, or bring your own to reduce waste.

After you have found the restaurants in your area that serve, local, organic, and certified foods, make sure and let them know that you support their business because of their sustainable choices.

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