Presidential Weather Forecast…what will tomorrow be like?

For most states on election day, the voting stations are going to be filled with long lines, cold weather and rain. Don’t let that stop you…braving the weather and the rain to vote can make a difference and give you pride as an American. But what will the ‘weather’ be like after our President Elect is decided? How will the ‘forecast’ change depending on who America chooses? Will we continue to have ‘rainy skies’ with ‘chances of thunderstorms and hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes and everything else crazy weather related’? Or will the clouds part and give us sunny skies and high temperatures?

Here are some breakdowns for you, as you watch the voting results and hopefuly go out and vote yourself (pick up your free starbucks coffee, ben & jerry’s ice cream scoop or krispy kreme donut if you do vote) and in the coming months, what you can expect to see from our President Elect when they take office in the new year.

President-Elect Obama:

Would enact a climate and energy plan that, “centers on a cap-and-trade system that aims for 80 percent emission reductions from 1990 levels by 2050 and calls for auctioning 100 percent of the pollution permits. It also includes a $150 billion investment to boost clean energy and create green jobs, along with fine-grained proposals to boost efficiency, build a smart electricity grid, and encourage public transportation” according to Grist. You can expect to see President-Elect Obama fight to free us from dependency on oil and find alternative energy resources, as well as continue to promote jobs and education about environmental awareness.

President-Elect McCain:

John McCain believes that we are vested with a sacred duty to be proper stewards of the resources upon which the quality of American life depends. Ensuring clean air, safe and healthy water, sustainable land use, ample greenspace—and the faithful care and management of our natural treasures, including our proud National Park System—is a patriotic responsibility.” Environmental love with a Republican spin, even President-Elect McCain, with the new emphasis and importance needs of our nation and world with respect to global emissions, deforestation and alternative energy, would seek and strive to ensure that our nation moved in a more ‘green’ direction.

We are fortunate that both Presidential candidates have talked about the environment and its issues and that it has been a topic of discussion and debate in this historical election. The truth is that while both candidates believe taking care of the environment and finding new developments in energy and resources is important, they will each go about it in very different ways. That is why you, the voter, hold the power in electing the President you feel will do the most effective and efficient job in promoting a world that is safe, clean and renewable. And then, when that man is elected President, to hold him accountable to his words and to the plans and policies that they have spoken about. Idealistic, I know, but if its time for change, why not be an agent of that change as you vote and live in this great nation?

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