Pomengranates and other fruits give you the antioxidants you need

A recent study done by UCLA found that pomengranate juice is one the top of a list of healthy juices to drink to minimize sugar, live organically and gain the antioxidants your body needs to fight off disease and infection. The study reported by CBS states that antioxidants are, “voluntarily bond with molecules of oxygen, preventing them from glomming onto any other substance in our body, and that helps keep us healthy”.

With fall and the cold weather coming around, the cold, the flu and others are going to become more and more prevalent in households and families. One way to fight off these diseases and prevent against them and others that are more serious is to intake antioxidants. These juices are the top three of a list of ten that contain what you need to help fight against disease:

Pomegranate Juice-Pomegranate won because it contained the most antioxidants. They believe it may help to protect against cancers, modify heart disease and is healthy for your heart
Concord Grape Juice-Has some really strong antioxidants, can reduce blood pressure and is also good for your heart. Grapes are also high in fiber.

Blueberry Juice-Tons of Fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C. Also a belief that blueberries, because of their antioxidants, “may have some effect on age-related cognitive abilities.”.

While eating the fruit itself is more healthy for you and has fewer calories, encouraging your children to drink these types of juice and to look for others that have antioxidants can have positive short and long term effects.

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