Plantable Paper Great For Summer!

plantable-paperIf you’re looking for a fun and green project to do with your kids while they are home this summer, check out plantable papers. Plantable papers offer ‘tree free,’ recycled, handmade papers with wildflower seeds embedded in them. They use organic fibers such as coconuts, weeds, cotton, pineapple, etc., then they add recycled post consumer waste like office correspondence and newspapers, all of which have been de-inked responsibly. Currently they only offer wildflower seeded products, but they are experimenting with other seed varieties, and hope to present those varieties of our plantable paper soon.

You can do a great art project or writing assignment at your local park or forest, then, instead of throwing the paper away, plant it right there. Or do they same in your backyard, craft and gardening all in one.

You can find out more information about plantable papers by checking out their website.

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