Petroleum Free Soy Candles

Fall and Winter, with the long cold nights, have always been a time to burn candles. The glow of the candle, leaves a warm feeling inside, along with the aroma of something spicy, simply makes me feel better. And turning off those electric lights and burning candles will also save energy, which is always a good thing when you’re trying to be more green!

I know that there have been companies making petroleum free soy candles for a while now, but I guess I just recently started looking for them and haven’t had much luck. You can find a number of online stores selling these candles but its at the Brick and Mortar stores that I have been searching for them.

Why should you choose PETROLEUM FREE SOY CANDLES: Paraffin candles emit 11 known toxins when they are burned. Since you usually burn them in your house you are in a confined area with these toxins. The black smoke that is emitted from these candles adheres to your walls, furniture, air filters and to everything else in your house.

Soy Candles are Eco-friendly as they do not emit black smoke and are made from natural soybeans. Not only are soy candles safer for you and the environment they have other benefits as well. For example soy candles burn at a much lower temperature than paraffin candles. You can actually put you finger into soy wax that has been heated by your candle and it just feels warm to the touch.

Here are some of my favorite sites that sell Petroleum Free Soy Candles –

Malie Kauai – They have amazing scents, that make you feel like you are in the tropics, but the price is a bit much for an 11oz candle.

Scented Naturally Candles – They offer a huge array of scents and the prices are comparable to paraffin candles.

Wayout Wax – The scents sound amazing and the prices are fair in comparison to paraffin.

I know there are many more companies out there but these are the ones that I am trying out. Please share your experiences of buying petroleum free soy candles. What did you like? Anything you didn’t like? Affordable price?

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