Organic Soda! Is it possible?

377821955_1ca3aa95feOrganic Soda seems to be an oxymoron. How can soda be healthy, much less organic? Can the same substance that’s full of carbonation and leaves your teeth felling grimy be environmentally friendly? After doing some research, its apparent that there are quite a few organic soda companies popping up on the radar. So in case you want to be organically balanced, yet love the taste of soda fizzling in your mouth, here’s some products to check out:

Whole Earth Foods-Their organic cola is a winner, made with the African cola nut and 95% organic ingredients. It’s also suitable for vegans; many may not know that other cola producers (shall we mention Coca-Cola?) use ingredients that are tested on animals or derived from animal by-products like glycerin. This drink is not. It contains about 172 calories per can.

Santa Cruz Soda-With 95% organic ingredients,and 130 calories, it’s not a diet drink. That’s because it’s packed with great juice taste. Try their Orange Mango soda.

Nutrisoda-Produced by Airforce, it comes with names like Renew, Calm, Slender, and Energize. Each drink contains natural ingredients that claim to aid with anxiety, fat burning, and memory loss. And they contain 10-15 calories per 8.4 oz serving (250 mL). You can visit their website for more information, including a look at their ingredient lists.

Maine Root organic soda-A recent phenomenon produced by two brothers, Maine Root sodas are made with organic cane juice, purified water, natural extracts and spices. A favorite is their root beer.

Check these out and let us know what you think!

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