Organic Bikes


Everyone knows that riding a bicycle instead of driving your car is an extremely eco-friendly and green way to go and then add in organic to that mix and you have it all! So you can imagine how excited I was when I got this link to Organic Bikes from Paul over at pacificpedaling. Organic Bikes is owned and operated by Wheel and Sprocket- a family owned bicycle shop since 1973.

These Organic bikes are made from sustainable bamboo, the alloys are 100% recycled materials and the paint is a non-VOC powder process. Even the fenders are 100% bamboo.

They have complete bikes, frames, clothing, bike parts, accessories and more. Their water bottles are 100% biodegradable, when your finished with it you can toss it and it will totally be absorbed by nature, taking 1-5 years to disintegrate.

Bamboo Bicycles, Biodegradable Water Bottles, Organic Clothing, and Recycled Messenger Bags are part of our initial offerings in our product line, but expect more on the horizon and expect great things from Organic Bikes!

Organic Bikes doesn’t claim to be fully “green” but they definitely have some great ideas and products to offer.

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