New Gym Creates Electricity with Human Power

The Green Microgym, in Portland Oregon, is one of the first fitness facilities in the world running on some of its own power and someday all of its power. They’ve opened a gym that uses a combination of solar and human power and is just as comfortable and effective as any other gym. Using a design that founder Adam Boesel engineered, exercise bikes connect to wind generator motors so that pedaling generates electricity that can power some of the facility’s needs. The environmentally friendly concept is inspired by Boesel’s interest in helping solve two of America’s greatest problems: obesity and global warming.

The Green Microgym is fully equipped with name brand cardio equipment, a full weight room, and a yoga/stretching, movement and core training room. Comfortable with amenities such as Sirius Satellite Radio, flat screen LCD High Definition televisions, and wireless Internet. They even offer outdoor workouts twice a week in the surrounding areas of where the gym is located.

Check out the The Green Microgym site for Fifteen ways our gym is green. They use recycled items, compact fluorescent light bulbs, Eco-power treadmills, non-toxic soaps and cleaners, and automated billing, to name a few.

Enroll now for only $29. a month for the life of the membership(limited time only). Free tours are available by appointment only and one day passes are available for $10. If you live in the Portland area and want to help the environment, check out this The Green Microgym, you are sure to love it!

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