Nature’s Rest Green Mattress: But is it The One For You?

Last night my hubby and I decided to check out some mattresses. The mattress we currently have has huge dips in it causing us to both get up with back pain and never having got the nights sleep we need. So as the salesman took us around the store and showed us the mattresses, we would lay one them, turn on our side and see what we thought. The last mattress he showed us was Nature’s Rest. He said “if you are into being green, then this mattress is for you”. I was intrigued, so we did the lay on it test, turned to our side and we both thought it was the best mattress we had tried that night.

No we did not buy it, we are still working it out, how to pay for it, checking forums and reading reviews, and thinking about what size would be best.

Nature’s Rest mattresses are made of latex, cashmere blended fiber, organic cotton cover, and furniture grade wood foundation from renewable resources.

From the Nature’s Rest website:

Nature’s Rest is the World’s best Latex. The Nature’s Rest consumer is drawn to the concept of a pressure relieving specialty bed and is seeking a more traditional, Eco-Friendly design. Nature’s Rest Latex is aerated with thousands of ventilation channels to move heat away from the sleepers body. The cell structure of Latex distributes your body weight evenly and eliminates the peak pressure points that cause restless nights.

So it sounds like a good bed and is made of good quality, Eco-Friendly, Green products. But we did find some bad reviews on the wear of the cotton cover. So for now we have decided to wait and try out more mattresses. We did find two more mattress companies online that were Eco-Friendly and in our area. I would love to help the environment in my mattress purchase but the amount mattresses cost, I don’t want to buy something that wont last either.

If you have any help or have purchased a Nature’s Rest Mattress please comment on your experiences!

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  1. I just purchased one at Mattress Depot in Seattle. So far I love it. Cost $999 for a queen mattress. Using it on a platform, so didn’t need the corresponding box. Seeing lots of complaints from people who claim to have spent 2500-3500 for the mattress set. Can’t figure out if they’re talking about the same bed!

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