My Product Crush List

I have fallen in love with my latest all natural beauty products and want to share them. Not only do they all work effectively, but in addition they are all natural and I feel like I am pampering myself when I use them. These are my top five:

#5Mango Satin Soap for Hands and Face” by JASON.
WHY: I use this soap as a body wash, it has a fruity smell that is not overpowering and it is a great moisturizer.

#4Apple and Green Tea Clarifying Conditioner” by JASON.
WHY: My hair feels genuinely clean and soft.

#3 “Professional Lacquer” by Zoya.
WHY: This product is the exception to the list because it is not organic but it is free of formaldehyde,toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor, all harmful chemicals usually found in nail polish. Try the color “Jacy.”

#2 “Brilliance Vanishing Wrinkle Lotion” by zia. WHY: I am good taking care of my face with this lotion because it repairs wrinkles and protects my skin with SPF 15.

#1 (I would not want to live without!) “Apricot Scrubble,”
WHY: It is an intense exfoliating face wash by JASON. I don’t do the whole gentle cleanse thing on my face.

Not all of my beauty products are organic, but hopefully soon they will be. My goal is to replace all of the unnatural products with organic ones. I think it is important to use products, especially on your face and body that aren’t a threat to your health. All of these products and brands can be ordered online, very convenient!

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