Mix My Granola

mixmygranola_containerThe brain child of Andreas, Matt and Raoul, Mix My Granola was founded in 2008. They came up with the idea at breakfast one morning when they were talking about what they thought the perfect granola combination would be. After they realized each of them had a different idea of what that would look like and not being able to find those combo’s at the store they started making their own mixes.And from that came MixMyGranola.com: The website where YOU can custom-make your own granola. The way YOU like it!

The Container:

They treat the environment with respect and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable. A soy-based ink is used to print our labels, which means less chemicals are leaking into the environment.

Organic Ingredients:

They take great pride in our ingredients and have hand-picked all of our ingredients from the best producers in the U.S. Most of their ingredients are organic, and all their granolas, nuts and seeds are preservative-free and all-natural products. All fruits are dried fruits and have been carefully processed to preserve their natural flavors and nutritional value. All of their fruits, nuts and seeds are cholesterol-free.

How it works:

  1. You get to pick your granola base: Organic Granola, Low-fat Granola or French Vanilla Granola.
  2. You add your ingredients: Ranging from dried berries/fruits, nuts/seeds, extras such as M&Ms, animal cookies, jelly beans, chocolate raisins, etc.., and you can add enhancer powder.
  3. Then you get to give your granola mix a name.
  4. Finally you order.

Prices range from $4.49 – 4.99 for 16 oz. of granola and depending on the ingredients you add it costs anywhere between .49 – 1.99 for 1 oz. Shipping is free with a $40 purchase.

This is an interesting concept and one that I look forward to trying. Check it out for yourself and start enjoying your own personal granola.

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