Living Green During Pregnancy

969794_66501285Even during pregnancy you need to continue making eco-friendly choices. Here are some helpful hints to keep you on the green path of decision making during your nine months of pregnancy.

1. Beauty & Skin Products: Try to stay from beauty products full of chemicals linked to birth defects, carcinogens, and ingredients derived from nonrenewable petroleum. There are plenty of organic/natural beauty products available. You can also try your hand at making your own beauty problems.

2. Drinking Water: Drinking plenty of water is important during pregnancy but what you drink out of is just as important. Some types of plastic water bottles contain phthalates. Make sure and choose smart plastic, check the bottom of bottles for #1, #2, #4, #5 and avoid #3, #6, #7.

3. Organic Food: Organic food is your best choice for both mother and baby when buying groceries. Keeping your body clear of any pesticides is always the best choice. The top 12 fruits and vegetables you should buy organic.

4. Household Cleaning Products: Look through all your cleaning products and examine the labels. Throw out anything that has flammable, hazardous or fatal. Try making your own non-toxic cleaners to keep the air clean in your home while your cleaning.

5. Paints: You will most likely want to paint the nursery for the new little one but be careful when choosing your paint. The chimicals and fumes in paint are volatile organic compounds and shouldn’t be near you or young children. Look for No or Low VOC paint, stains and varnishes. But even when these safer paint products are used, pregnant women should stay away during renovations.

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