Ken Singh Passionate Composter

253585_5432Yesterday we were talking about how San Francisco was the first large city to start curbside composting and today I found an article about Ken Singh, a passionate composter who has acquired clients like Whole Foods, Nordstrom and Arizona State University after he started making his own compost, in huge quantities. Due to the poor soil on his land and his goal to grow healthy organic food, Ken came up with a compost that was rich and high in micro-herds, literally turning trash into treasure as a compost.

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Singh turns landscaping waste and other organic matter into a rich compost that fertilizes his farm and everything from the lawn at Gammage Auditorium to organic gardens and golf- course fairways.

Singh Farms, on 20 acres leased from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, has a growing reputation as a hub of sustainable, organic farming. Chefs rave about the produce that Ken and Lee Singh grow, and landscapers and gardeners are amazed at the results they get with the farm’s compost.

For the Arizona State University, Singh takes the landfill they send him and over the course of 6 months composts it and then returns it to the university as fertilizer, saving the university about $20,000 in dumping fees since they started.

These sustainable practices that make this rich soil are what has turned Ken Singhs barren dessert patch into a thriving oasis that has lined up business with ASU, Whole Foods, Nordstrom and the Desert Botanical Garden. This is proof that green dreams can make great business ideas too.

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